TOP 5 Cool Spots To Embrace the Fall Activities in Philly

MY SEASON IS HERE!! And yes, call me basic but I don't even care. Pumpking carving, apple picking, hayrides, hot ciders, maple donuts... let me have It ALL (except the pumpkin spice jawn, I think that ish tastes like a candle).

But any-who... sometimes living in the city with minimal agriculture makes It hard to enjoy the changing colored leaves, the fruits and veggies and honestly the quietness that the fall has to offer. BUT fear not (except on halloween cause ya know, spooky season 😏) because I've done some research and found my TOP 5 spots that I'm DYING to hit up to embrace the fall in all it's glory!

Check It out:

1. Morgan's Pier's Fall Fest

2. Craft Hall's Oktoberfest

3. PHS Pop-UP Garden

(trust me, click on their instagram page to see the fall, beer garden ambience)

4. Linvilla Orchards

5. Philadelphia Brewing Co.

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