LOOK OUT: This Sex Trafficking Tactic Happened in Wildwood NJ

WARNING: This is sensitive content, and may trigger those who have been a subject of abuse -- but I feel it's important that we help spread the word to help protect ourselves against situations like this.

A Tik Tok user is spreading awareness on the app to let people know what to do if a situation likes this happens to you, and to be honest -- it's not as uncommon as you think.

This happened right in our backyard in Wildwood, NJ -- a very popular shore point and tourist spot during the summer season. A woman came to her car to find a stuffed animal on her windshield... one that she didn't leave there herself.

"Liv Holistic" is advising that if something is ever on your car, even if It resembles a ticket -- don't stand there to examine It, but get in your car immediately & lock the doors, drive around out of the area before getting It off your car and disposing of It. This is allegedly a tactic of sex trafficking where attackers will grab you when you're vulnerable.

Please help us spread the word so we know how to protect ourselves! Here she is explaining the situation below:

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